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Anyone can be involved with SMI.  Explore our options below to find out more. For all inquiries, please email our Executive Director



Join our network of providers and help save lives without having to leave the comfort of your own home.  You can make a difference in the lives of many by simply logging in to our system on your home or office computer.  You will be given all the tools and information necessary to make a diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient, all you have to do is volunteer.  No foreign language competency needed.  


If you enjoy the mission field and want to help by volunteering your time in person, we welcome you to join us on our next trip to set up a clinic abroad.  





Communicate with your congregation about the immense need for improved health care domestically and internationally, and let them know there are numerous ways they can help by supporting our mission. 


Committing to a yearly financial donation or signing up for one of our next mission trips abroad are a few ways to participate in the improvement of these healthcare systems and work directly with our missionaries in setting up a telemedicine clinic on-location. 





If you are a missionary and need medical assistance, abroad or domesticly, please let us know.  We are happy to offer our services wherever you are or wherever you're going.  We also work directly with your Primary Care Provider domestically to ensure continuity of care.  We will gladly share more information regarding our telemedicine services, including locations, technology requirements, and services rendered.


We know as a missionary, you are always on the go and trusting God along your journey.  Let us help you and your ministry stay physically healthy so you can cater to the spiritual health of others.  



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